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ABC News
Pres. Obama: Democracy demands getting inside "the reality of people who are different than us." "You can't do it if you insist that those who aren't like you because they're white, or because they're male...that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters."
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John O'Neill 17 Jul 18
Replying to @ABC @PatriciaHeaton
Wow, this rarefied air - one of the few times I agree with something Obama has to say.
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Buddy C 17 Jul 18
Agreed. This will trigger most liberals though.
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Caleb Webb 17 Jul 18
Replying to @ABC @Nate_Hale
Where was this 4 years ago? I applaud the attempt to be uniting, but too little too late.
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Nate Hale 17 Jul 18
Replying to @calebgwebb @ABC
I’m not saying you’re wrong. But what he’s saying in this instance is spot on
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Matthews 17 Jul 18
Replying to @kailashwg @ABC and 3 others
вы делаете это очевидным, товарищ.
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Andrew Brooks 17 Jul 18
Replying to @ABC
The entire Dem base right now.
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Lee Gabriella 17 Jul 18
Replying to @BrooksyBNG @ABC
you didn't learn anything from what he just said
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anHilla 17 Jul 18
Replying to @femalestuds @ABC
So true. There is nothing else to say
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