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A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang
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There is already a 0.74.1 out, the release you really, really want, but you should read these release notes:
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Developer Portfolio is a portfolio theme designed for developers to showcase their skills and latest work. Made by .
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Icarus is a responsive and customizable theme for bloggers. It ships with localization support as well as optional widgets. Maintained by .
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Oh, so this GitHub sponsors thing isn't all about giving ...
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Tim Mastny Jun 26
More cooking-themed content inspired by 's "A Spoonful of Hugo" series: Intro to Hugo: Master Chef👩‍🍳 For anyone who's wondered what Hugo is or wants to customize their website! Featuring 's hugo-xmin theme.
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Persian is a new theme for personal blogs with a contact form and an integrated search.
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Color Your World is a minimalist theme for personal blogs featuring a HTML color picker to customize the websites' accent color.
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Just out, this is the release you really, really want!
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Zozo is a simple and beautiful blogging theme for Hugo.
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NoTrack is a libre personal webpage theme for Hugo without reliance on third parties and no tracking.
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Hugo Tip: Build options, especially combined with the cascade keyword, give fine-grained control over how pages are published/listed:
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"We build our current master branch site, including the doc’s Sass -> CSS in ~1.6s. Our local server reloads in milliseconds instead of 8-12 seconds, so working on the docs has become a pleasant experience again."
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Replying to @eiszfuchs
See and the publishResources (and also note the cascade keyword).
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Toha is a simple Hugo theme for personal portfolios featuring multiple homepage sections for your CV, projects and more. Made by .
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We upgraded to take advantage of the latest build improvements. Our 350 pages site builds in less than 2s, and 500ms while developing locally or when using our Instant Preview online. Thanks for delivering such a productive tool.
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Prateek Jun 12
Building from in less than 2.5 seconds. No match for speed.
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HugoTeX is a blogging theme inspired by the looks of LaTeX documents. Made by .
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Showcase is a minimal, one page, theme for showcasing your work. Made by .
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Codex is a minimal blog theme for Hugo featuring a customizable homepage. Made by .
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Awesome Hugo is a list of awesome things related to Hugo, curated by .
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