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Tweets Jun 11
Watch out this week for a big announcement from us.
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The scare mongers are at it again.
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Wow! These are great.
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Walmart, Walmart.......
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Once the home of Fashion Icon Gianni Versace. Step inside the Villa Casa Casuarina On Ocean Dr in Miami Beach, Fl., is now open to the public as a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar.
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Charles V Payne May 8
Breaking News while all eyes were on the Iran Nuke News we learned there is now an all-time record number of job openings. 6.6 million jobs are open: America is on a role! Discussing tonight on Making Money
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Hey your interest rate is now 40% , how you like those apples?
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sir it’s time for you to back up and start arresting all Dems involved w CRIMES. Fire Robert Mueller shut down the witch hunt.
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Do you consider your dog a family member, a tool or a possession? Do you have health insurance on your dog? 🐕 If you’d like information on health insurance for your dog just ask in the comments. I’ll send you some free info.
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Do you have a story to tell about your bill for your most recent visit to a Emergency Room visit? Read this, maybe you can assist Vox in their efforts to build a data base of cost for ER visits.
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All 50 states ranked for retirement from worst to best
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CMS Proposes $340 Million Increase in Hospice Payments for 2019
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Here’s an app that seems to be catching on. Seems to me it’s a convenient way to get therapy when needed quicker than in person appointments.
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WOW! WOW airlines: A fun away to spend your summer, getting paid to travel.
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Tens of thousands of cars are still on the road with a 'ticking time bomb': Explosive air bags - The Washington Post
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NSAID can increase your chances of having a heart attack. Have you heard this?
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Call us today to learn about our unique solutions for solving pressing concerns about our elderly parents and grandparents. We do more than Insurance...
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More than 23,000 Americans die each year from infections caused by germs resistant to antibiotics, the CDC said.
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Reminder: JW released redacted documents showing Obama's State Dept under Secretary John Kerry gathered & sent its own "dossier" containing classified info on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin — a political ally in the Senate… by via
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It turns out Klay Thompson slept through practice the day before dropping 60 😂 by via
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